Since our founding in 1980, OC Builders has put the needs and satisfaction of our clients first. The highest compliment we receive is when our clients tell us how much they love and enjoy their new space. Here are a few things our clients have said about their experience working with OC Builders.

We worked with OC Builders to build our home. It was a big project with lots of planning. Our architect, Christian Zapatka, was the one who recommended OC Builders to us. Our experience with them was excellent. They said it would take 12 months to build the house and I really thought it was going to be longer. But it was completed in 11 months. We did a lot of planning beforehand and there were no changes made during the build, so that helped. I would definitely recommend OC Builders to my friends!

Rod O.

We actually had two projects with OC Builders. We remodeled our basement and added a full bar and wine cellar. We also ended up changing a door to a window and a window to a door for flow purposes. And we updated the fireplace, adding stone. It was a pleasure working with OC Builders. Al Geserick was our point person and he was such a pleasure work with. Somehow or another we just worked really well together. Our second project was an update to our kitchen. That project included updated countertops, new lighting and a new backsplash, which included a special feature around the stove. They also painted the kitchen. All of that work just took 2 weeks. When we had the idea to update the kitchen, my husband said, “Just call Al.” It was an easy decision. I would definitely use them for our next project!

Margaret M.

Working with OC Builders was simply fabulous. OC Builders did the best job possible. We remodeled a kitchen, laundry and bath area. And we also added a 2-car detached garage and breezeway. Steve Bredeman handled everything for us. It was uncanny how he anticipated our every desire with minimal input from ourselves. This was as seamless a process as one can imagine.

Michael H.

I had a great experience with OC Builders when they built a house for us on the Potomac. Incredibly, I had a one-page contract with them! The design of the house provided a lot of unique opportunities for us and for OC Builders. The location and views available on this property were key. OC Builders was expedient and on schedule. They provided high-quality work and overall it was a very pleasant experience. They worked closely with us to solve problems. The project included other opportunities. For example, a stone bridge had to be built in order to cross a ravine. And an existing structure on the property had to be renovated. We had a critical schedule and it was completed as planned. They even handled any issues with Fairfax County for us. Overall, it was a great job. In fact, they are still doing work for me on another project.

Dwight S.

OC Builders built a three-level addition onto our 1944 Cape Cod house. We had an architect and we worked very well with OC Builders – in fact, it was seamless. They told us it would take 6 months. We moved out while the work was being done and within 5 months and 20 days we were moving in! Not only that, they were on budget! They had some wonderful suggestions for us throughout the project and in the process they had to solve some problems. Their work is first class, top-rated! We felt like we were partners with the company and everyone who worked on our home became new friends. While our home is smaller than most of the homes they work on, I felt like they were giving us the exact same treatment as their largest customer. We felt that they were building an addition that they would want to live in! I would highly recommend them to our friends.

Linda C.